You Can’t Afford Not To…

This sounds like a cheesy sales pitch, doesn’t it? One you’ve likely heard before when a salesman was trying to pitch a product to you that was somehow going to change your world. The good news is that we don’t use unsavory sales tactics to try to convince you to work with Forest City Sites for your small business website.

If your small business does not currently have a website and you’re contemplating having a website designed, I’m going to borrow that line from a sales pitch and say this:

You can’t afford not to have a website for your small business.

The question of whether you should have a website at all is one that shouldn’t even come up in 2012. Yes; You need to have a website. Is it going to change the way you do business and bring in more revenue? Maybe and maybe not. While we can’t promise that just because your business gets a website, that sales will increase dramatically, a website has become a sign of credibility.

Statistics show that when one of your customers is looking for information about a business, 97% of people use the internet to get that information. They don’t open up the phone book to search through the business listings. They go to their computer or in many cases, their smartphone and they search for either your type of business (ie. Plumbers, Piano tuners, Dentists) or they search for your business name because they have heard about you from a friend or colleague.

The bad news for businesses without a website is that customers looking for basic information about your business can’t find it because you don’t have a website. Information on your history, skills, specialties, pricing, specials and more can all be found on a small business website and having a website is one sign of a business’s credibility. Much like business cards where 10 or 20 years ago, a website shows your customers that you’re serious about your business and that you want them to find you.

Many businesses have stopped short of having a website built because they feel that 1.) They can’t afford it or 2.) They believe it will be too much work to keep up with.

That’s where Forest City Sites comes into the picture. We will build a visually appealing yet affordable website that will represent your business professionally and we will take care of all the details (hosting, domain, content, photography & more.) We pride ourselves in offering exceptional client service and we will go the extra mile to ensure your transition to the online world is an easy one.…