How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee?


Coffee is the brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. The origin of coffee is thought to be somewhere in Ethiopia in the 11th century, but after that coffee spread its fragrance to the countries like Istanbul, Yemen, and gradually most of the public around the world become addicted to coffee, Coffee culture soon becomes the important part of society and rapidly coffee houses acquire all the spaces in the cities. These coffee houses serve varieties of coffee of like cappuccino, Americano, espresso, Mocha, Latte etc. There are more than 22 types of coffee in the world and preparing every coffee with the french press is art in itself.

Coffee is the sign of good hospitality coffee is perfect serving for every guest whether you guest is unexpected or invited for dinner. Everyone has the different opinion for the coffee some like it strong some like it a bit light some prefer coffee hot, on the other flips some demands for the cold one. Coffee is not only the energy drink but it also important for your health as it cures many health-related issues. Coffee is best recognized by its aroma, one can easily feel the aroma of coffee even he or she is far from the place. People love drinking coffee but creating a lovely sip of coffee is a bit tricky.

Firstly, you have to collect the ingredients which are used to create perfect sip of this drink this include Coffee beans or coffee powder, Milk or cream, water, sugar, Chocó powder

Now follow the below points to start with your coffee:

  1. Try grinding your own coffee beans, coffee once open start losing it’s freshness so you can grind your own coffee beans when required, you can grind your coffee according to your taste you can grind it extra coarse or medium coarse as required.
  2. Use good water, fill water in a kettle and boil the water, mix the ground coffee in water and heat till the boiling point, remove the kettle from the flame once it reaches the boiling point.
  3. Pour coffee water in your coffee mug, add milk in it. Use real milk or you can also opt for fresh thick cream if you want your coffee texture thick.
  4. Now add sugar crystals or sugar powder as per your taste stir the coffee well at the end sprinkle some Chocó powder on your coffee.

Alternate Method To Make Coffee:

In a cup take a ground coffee powder as required quantity adds sugar in the cup, add one tablespoon milk in the mixture. Now, after adding all the ingredients, whisk the solution vigorously with the help of a spoon, gradually on whisking this solution becomes creamy in texture, Now add hot milk in this solution add chocolate powder as final dressing and get ready to enjoy your morning with a cup of perfect coffee in your hand.

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